Kennedy Communications

KennedyC “Shining Themed” Holiday Invite

The 2016 KennedyC holiday invite paid homage to one of the greatest Christmas movies of all time—The Shining!? Why not. Besides the famous quote that appears on the front of the invite, the finer nods to the movie included hand-stamping the room number “237” onto the keys, photoshopping my boss’ face onto the black and white photo in the movie, reflecting the photo’s date into the postage markings, having a custom holiday drink created called the RedRum and temporarily renaming the bar that night to “The Gold Room.” (Created at KennedyC)

Gold Addy Award


KennedyC “Cheers To The Ad Life” Holiday Invite

In 2015, we decided to get physical with our KennedyC Holiday invites. The glasses featured a “Cheers to the Holidays/Cheers to the Ad Life” theme. Included with the glasses was a candy cane straw scroll that unrolled to reveal the party details. (Created at KennedyC)

Silver Addy Award


KennedyC “Christmas Album” Holiday Invite

For the 2012 KennedyC Christmas party, I created a vintage-styled “Christmas album” mix cd as the invite. It featured a 50s/60s cocktail party playlist along with a recipe for a candy cane cocktail to get the party started. Everything was hand cut and assembled. (Created at KennedyC)

Gold Addy Award